The important thing is that you make sure that neither the favorable nor the unfavorable critics move into your head and take part in the composition of your next work.    Thornton Wilder

Too often a writer will write to please critics, or to please an editor or someone else while they work on their Work in Progress and they forget the most important thing to do is to write for one’s self and for one’s own enjoyment.  I know I would move  forward and backward trying to either write my novel to live up to my expectations and then turn ’round and try to live up to some imaginary individual’s expectations.  The most important person to be happy with your work is yourself.

We can get feedback from all kinds of people, critics, editors, beta readers, critic partners, writing groups, and so on but in the end your own instincts are the most important.  It’s the most important that your own taste is met by your writing and not someone that you’re inventing that you are concerned with impressing in some unusual sort of way.  My best intentions come out with outlines and structuring and the more I work that way, the happier I am and that I feel I am producing a better quality manuscript.

Can’t say it enough – trust your instincts, and learn as you go.  You’ll be better off if you learn to produce a quality story on your own, without trying to please others before you are even finished with your first draft, before you are even faced with rewriting!

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