Why we Write

You don’t write because you want to say something, you write because you’ve got something to say.

F. Scott Fitzgerald

I’ve always liked F. Scott Fitzgerald.  His books were often so fun loving.  When I started to write my novel, which I have since rewritten into something else, I felt I needed to work out a story, and I wanted to share it with the world.  That is the best way I could put it, as I had a longing in me that certain things in my life had worked out differently and I wanted to make the life I had hoped for, happen.

Now I have moved on to a fantasy genre because I came down suddenly, with stage 1 breast cancer, and it changed everything.  I went through radiation treatment.   I wasn’t the same person anymore.  All of the sudden, that path my life had been taking had changed, and I wanted it to  be for the better.  I took my simple story (it seems simple now) and I wanted to make it magical, because that is how I felt about what had happened to me.  The kindnesses shown to me by people I didn’t know -a cop giving me a two day warning to get my car inspected, the bag of notebooks, a scarf, a filing folder, and other things that were donated by volunteers, and my workmates who never complained about filling in for my absence when I took off two, two week spans of time, one just to keep my sanity toward the end of the radiation therapy, which was a lot of driving to do after and overnight shift, and then home to bed, then to do it all over again.  My dear husband who bought me a dozen roses and my family, my cousins especially, who cheered my heart.  So many caring people, and it changed everything.

I was no longer jaded and cynical at times, and I had to admit I was grateful, even though seeing tons of medical professionals was not really my cup of tea or on my list of things to do.  Nonetheless, I got through it and after two years I am finally turning toward the future again. And what did I find? I found that I have lots of stories in me and have met some fabulous people that I never would have met.  And I have continued to read about story writing and hope to have several more books full of things to say. 😉

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