Learn to Write

Learn to write by doing it.  Read widely and wisely.  Increase your word power.  Find your own individual voice through practicing constantly.  Go through the world with your eyes and ears open, and learn to express that experience in novels.

P.D. James

Let’s start off small.  Real small, because this is the same advice I’ve seen over and over again, ever since I began to research becoming a writer.

The advice I have been hearing is to write every day, read every day.  Editing and rewriting doesn’t count. You must practice writing every day.

This advice led me to “pants” a story that I have no idea how to end.  I also have a sequel to my WIP planned, and have been working on another outline that I can’t get out of my head.

That makes four projects.  Well I have heard somewhere  that “The road to hell os filled with WIP’s, but I disagree.  If I can be productive, I could end up with four stories. This leads to the Happy Dance, followed by coffee and chocolate.

Then there is “finding your own individual voice,” through practicing constantly.  That’s “Practicing Constantly,” and that is the only way.  Find your voice and find yourself.  Practicing Constantly means being out in the world and getting inspiration. It means taking the time every day to write, and banish that writer’s block.

So then share your experience in novels by showing, not telling. Put yourself in the scene and inside the POV character.  Research the stuff you haven’t already experienced.  I am quite sure that both you and I will get through our writing projects, whichever they are.  🙂

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