While you’re in the midst of a story, so many things in your daily life seem to apply to it – you see something on the bus and think how you can use it. the story’s like a magnet and without it, you’d never notice all these things.

Philip Roth

The story allows us to look for all kinds of inspiration, from sources we never would have noticed.  All of this inspiration can be written on notecards and kept in a folder, some to use, some to change, some to make plot twists, and more.  Creativity is a great joy, one can build something unique that can bring others great joy. Or, it can bring something else – a feeling, a place, a memory.  Creativity brings joy to the person who creates it – she knows she has found something special, a gift, a perspective or another thing to share.

The insight that writers have cannot be overlooked, they are searching for something that will add inspiration, or an experience, to the reader. When I studied contemporary literature in High School, it meant so much to me, because there was an objective, a means, and an end point. My vision of writing has grown since then, to bigger novels, speculative novels, and epic series.  I love them all and I can’t have enough of the writer’s creations, and in turn, my own ideas.

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