A Writer starting out

When I first realized that I wanted to write a book, that I had a book inside of me that wanted to be written, I bought my first book about writing.  I had studied a lot of literature in high school, and always had gotten good grades in English.I had no reason to believe I couldn’t write a book.

There was much to know.  I look through my library to find this first book and I’m not sure where it went. But it had a biliography in it and from there I bought more books about writing.  One book suggested that you pick  a writer that you want to emulate and find out what you can about them, read their writing books and find there biography.  I did that with two writers.  Eventually I moved on from this suggestion.

I kept reading books about writing.  One book showed me how to outline, even if that book was a bit dated, about 20 years old.  Things have changed. You want to write your outline, but there is so much more.  Now I have learned about structuring and trends in writing, but it has been a joy, having, if nothing else, a fine hobby.

Now I have what I think is a finished book, “More than the Bay,” with one last edit to perfect it to the best of my abilities, and my husband, who paints on a regular basis and has gone to art college wants to create my cover.We started with one idea, and are working on a second idea now.

I am proud to say I have four projects in the works right now. I have a sequel, something saucy, to the first above mentioned speculative fiction work. I also have a “Non-Romance” outlined, as my mother in law would put it, and a practice work that I have been “pantsing,” just to experiment.  Eventually it will be outlined and structured.

I’m so excited about my new “hobby,” which I work on when I go to my real job as a caretaker during the night.  That is why this site is called “Overnight Writer.” I would much rather work on my new hobby that watch television all night. Television doesn’t interest me that much, generally. No, this is much better, and hopefully I’ll have those hard copies in my hands and be able to show something substantial for my free time that I have overnight. With God’s grace, I might even make a sale.

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