Making a cover

I have a finished manuscript, by my own opinion, and now need to format a cover for it. This has given me a conundrum because I haven’t got the slightest idea how to do it. My goal is to get my book to Print on Demand by Amazon, but the cover really has me confused. My husband wants to make a painting for me, but wants me to sketch the cover first.  This has me stalled in my steps.

This is why I wanted to make my first book something of a “test subject,” so that I can learn how to do it properly. And so, I’ve come to a halt as I have no idea how to attach a cover to a manuscript.

I know there are all sorts of resources, but I’m really stumped.

This explains why I have not been present on my own Blog. Shame on me. I should get on  this and charge, full speed ahead. But I’m not.

I asked myself yesterday, is this a form of procrastination? probably, yes.

The fact of the matter is, I haven’t gotten anything done, except one outline and structuring of a manuscript, and one pantsing project that I have been practicing on, that I have more words hand written than I know what to do with.

But the fact remains, I need to complete Project 1.

I do have a really good, idea, I have a four book set of how to get published on Amazon, but it’s on my Kindle app, and I find it real hard to read anything lengthy with the app., However – maybe I can buy a hard copy of the set on Amazon. Great idea. I think I will do that.

In the meantime, I intend to have this Blog blossom into something really great and special. I was not able to write on the Blog so much, when my company changed it’s WiFi to a different source. So I have that much less time to go online at work ( not that I don’t do anything, I work overnights and take care of an individual while he sleeps, and writing books is so much more interesting than watching television ).

Off the subject, writing is the first thing that has ever taken away that perpetual boredom that I have gone through life with. Learning to write novels, changed my life.

Back on subject, I think I will try and buy that four book set on how to get published on Amazon, if they sell it as a hard copy. I hope they do.

And that concludes this portion of my Blog. Thank you for reading, and You are the reason I have this great idea.

Thanks.  Adrienne Nesiba, and her two dogs.

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