Loving Outlining

Well I have one novel written and completed, even though I think of ways to make it better, every day. Every day. I just sketched a front and back cover and my wonderful artist husband is going to try to make a cover, even though he had to Google Images for things like “Seawall,” and “jeweled sword handle.” I am also proud that I put together and outline and structuring for my second novel, although I haven’t begun writing it yet, because it needs a certain something. A certain something that my ESP inclined protagonist can latch on to. I think I have the right idea, the latch onto source is going to be my antagonist.

In the meantime, I’ve begun a story that I think is sweet (not everyone will call it that) and romantic. I’ve been working on the outline since December, but it comes from my practice writing from about two years. It is set in and ancient Irish setting, before the Vikings arrived. It is basically a story of good and evil. I do like this book very much because I have spent so many winter nights and days off adding to it.

What’s that? Days off? Yes I work at night and right now have 54 hours that I work regularly and last week had an extra double shift that bumped me up to 70 hours. Kind of like my lawyer brothers although I think they’re trying not to work so much. So what do I do ? I can tell you very little, due to confidentiality, but I work with a person who has disabilities. And that’s about it all I can tell you! I don’t know what I would do without my writing hobby, go crazy from loneliness caused by long hours alone. But this engages me, and I forget about the long hours.

I made progress on my unnamed third project tonight, and I sketched out most of the scenes in the first quarter of the novel. I had to use two different writing books to do this. I find that if I combine two or more books, I can tailor my story whatever way I want. Yay! I’m psyched about this and very proud. I just want to feel those completed books in my hands. We’ll worry about marketing later.


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